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New Automatic Slide Copier

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Icam announce a simple, fast, slide copy system. Designed for continuous operation with daylight LED lighting and integrated 'air knife', the action of placing a slide in the holder starts the imaging process. Works with Icam 'ARCAPTURE' or Phase One 'CAPTURE ONE' software and a wide range of camera systems. System shown at Nottingham University has 36MP Nikon D810 camera and Zeiss Macro lens to capture 35mm slides at up to 3,500ppi. The built in 'light box' strip allows slides to be checked before capture. The system is fully portable .

Automatic Slide Copier System

Icam Slide Copier in use at Nottingham University Library with Nikon D810, Zeiss Macro lens and Capture One software.

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