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Icam Archive systems are proud to be Cultural Heritage dealers for Phase One camera systems.  Phase One produce medium format cameras,  digital backs and a wide range of lenses as well as peerless reprographic camera systems.
Latest model :-
iXH-in full.png

iXH Camera System 150MP array sensor with Ultra Res 72mm lens and 1,000,000 operations electronic shutter. 300ppi resolution of A0 document.

XF Camera System Multi feature camera with wide choice of lenses and 100MP -150MP digital back
The IQ4 - 336x280.jpg

IQ4 Digital Back 100MP - 150MP options with latest connectivity including LAN and USBC. Peerless image quality.


Multispectral Imaging with Rainbow software using iXG 100MP camera system with multi filter wheel and software controlled lighting

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