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Revised Conservation Cradle CCS6545

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Now available again in a revised and upgraded form to special order. More adjustments and a larger format means larger material may be digitised and the system used as a vertical copy stand.

Upgraded Conservation Copy Stand CCS6545 now available

Larger floor standing unit with additional features including the ability to tilt the camera frame to a vertical position to better accommodate flat documents. Book Cradle - 'Vee' support angle fully adjustable for fragile volumes. available with dimmable adjustable LED lighting mounted on the frame or with a 'no lighting' option for Tripod mounted lighting of your choice.

Vacuum (adjustable) edge holding for delicate holding of the page. Focal plain laser ensures perfect focus and edge / corner laser provides perfect alignment.

Cameras and mounting

Icam offer a wide range of digital camera systems and lenses. We recommend Phase One systems with up to 150 MP (million pixel) sensors and uninterpolated outputs of over 450 MB (24bit RGB TIF). Auto-focus is standard and 'Live Video' at 100% size allows perfect alignment and focus checking. A heavy duty camera mount and addition support ensures the heavy medium format camera is held security.

Phase One 150MP camera system

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