Installation Archive
ICAM Archive systems provide the leading book handling cameras to a world-wide market.
Below are some examples of recent system installations carried out by ICAM installation engineers.
Training for both service engineers and operators is at the time of installation.

Training on Icam Guardian  at the FSL in Yerevan, Armenia. Grant made by the British Library Endangered Archives Programme for digitisation of the libraries old and rare collections.
Icam's Atlas Mapping camera capturing the Inclosure maps and their awards at Gloucestershire archives. Using our dual head, Betterlight scanner and PhaseOne system.


Andy Hawkins training operators at the Fundamental Scientific Library, Armenia in March 2009
Front View of the Fundamental Scientific Library, Armenia
Tigran Zargaryan, Director (centre) Fundamental Scientific Library Armenia
Guardian Installation at the Central Archives St Petersberg
The Odin at the London Metropolitan Archives
Installation at the National Archive in Guyana
Installation of the latest digital camera at the American library of Congress, New Delhi.

Trainee operators in Asmara, Eritrea take a photo break. Full Microfilm system installed including A0 Guardian 35/16 camera.
Dimi-Center, Icam's dealer in Russia installed a Guardian AO and Guardian A1 in Moscow.